The last 4 years seem to have gone by in a blur...
10/7/2018 12:00:00 AM
6 years ago; not long after the release of Halo 4, I was 16 years old and like most boys my age, was sat at my Xbox.I was watching interviews with the dev team of Bungie studios, and I remember thinking to myself; “I want to be like them, I want to make games like this”. I was obsessed with playing video games and I was always the sort of person who wanted to know how things worked; so I began teaching myself to code.

It was nothing exciting at first, I began with programs like “Scratch” and started to understand basic programming techniques, I taught myself the basics of front-end web development by endlessly reading websites like “W3Schools”, and made some very basic websites using online IDEs like JSFiddle.It still however, wasn’t what I wanted to be doing, I was having fun learning new skills but I knew I wanted to learn more.

So I finished college, and I set off to University.

That was 4 years ago now, it was 2012 when I decided what I wanted to do with my life, it was 2014 when I dived headfirst into it, it’s 2018 now and I just got my results; a First.I could not be happier, and I could not be more excited, my hard work has paid off and now I have the opportunities to pursue my 16 year old self’s dream.

Big things to come, lots to look forward to.Thanks to all my friends, family, lecturers and anyone along the way who’s helped me get this far.
- Jake Giles-Phillips